About the catalog

This section presents 3D models of parts and products, already done on our production. We know how difficult it is to explain what you want, and search in showrooms and on the Internet is difficult, when stopping the wrong color. Here the product shown in white specifically to first find the desired shape, and then paint them the desired color, pick a texture, special effects, painting, etc.

  • Each model has a article that allows you to choose how to the customer and the interior designer, as well as to easily share information about choice.

  • You can create different combinations of elements and arrange the furniture.

  • For models developed working drawings, they have a fixed size and shape.

  • It is possible to change the size or the configuration for a specific task or place.

  • Change the size, configuration or the use of expensive finishes leads to an increase in cost.

  • For architects and designers with whom we work, will provide free correct model in the program to use in your project in 3D visualization.

The directory will be continually updated with new products.

You can write us a letter about their wishes e-mail: avtor.tomsk@mail.ru

Or call tel: 8 (3822) 40-56-99