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avtor3.jpg  Hello, my name is Evgenie Vazhenin. I am the head of the furniture factory, which produces products premium and elite class in the city of Tomsk on individual projects. The beginning of this business was initiated in 2002. To date, we have developed into a large enterprise with its own building, modern machinery and well-organized production chain. Geography of our works is not only Tomsk, but also other cities of Russia.

From the beginning, we chose the highest quality standard, and thanks to the quality and commitment to excellence of product the company "Avtor" today has good reputation! Тhanks to our customers and partners for their generous recommendations! Our clients – successful people, politicians, businessmen. Wealthy, knowing the price of quality, with a delicate taste, demanding. Every time we try to justify their trust.

Our furniture is often compared with the products of European brands, which is known to be the epitome of elegance. Myself, I will say that it is very difficult to compete with the world famous factories with their hundred years of history and experience. And some of them are unattainable to me as an example. But, nevertheless, we have advantages! After all we create unique designer furniture created especially for You, with the individual size, shape, color, finish, ergonomics fully comply with the architectural design. And the price of our furniture, although we offer no serial piece product, lower than furniture from leading European manufacturers.

As a rule, architects and designers, working with us, become regular partners because our expertise helps them to realize the most ambitious projects and be confident in the outcome. We can offer more sound decisions, thus saving their time for the project, since our design Bureau solves for them many problem. Our experts are personally measure and prepare detailed drawings for precision manufacturing of furniture. In General, the design Department is our strong suit. He has a high creative potential, and proper design allows to cope with the challenges. We are the authors of many of the original technological solutions.

A key success factor is the people working in the company with their years of experience and possibly the desire for aesthetics products. Many of them - the reason for the success of our business!

I don't want to rest on our laurels and will always invest their efforts, energy and creativity to further development of the case. Photos of our work displayed on site is an invaluable collection and intellectual property of "Avtor". But no matter how good our products look in the pictures, it is best to assess this in your life! In our showroom You can see samples of furniture, accessories and products with artistic painting.

Our salon is located at the address: Russia, Tomsk, street Water, 84 p. 1

 Would be grateful if You before pre-arrival will call by phone: 8 (3822) 40-56-99.