Factory "Avtor" is ready to offer You as a set of activities as and individual works:


Design of furniture, staircases and interior details made of wood:

  • sketches (drawing, scan, 3D-modeling),
  • drawing documentation.


Manufacturing of furniture and interior details made of wood:

  • hallways, living rooms,
  • rooms, bedrooms, nurseries,
  • kitchens, dining rooms,
  • room for billiard,
  • doors, portals,
  • cabinets, racks, chests, commodes,
  • furniture for home theater,
  • chairs, armchairs, stools, sofas, beds,
  • wall panels, ceiling, partitions,
  • the trading equipment for shops and salons
  • sculpture, murals, ornaments, decor,
  • art painting.


Manufacture of stairs and fencings from wood.


Installation of our own products Factory "Avtor":

  • qualitatively, reliably, accurately.


Delivery metal furniture and accessories:

  • supply of elite furniture fittings from leading European factories under the order,
  • supply of interior items and accessories under the order.


Warranty and post-warranty service

  • restoration and adjustment of products Factory "Avtor".